LYME SCI: What smells like citrus and protects you from ticks?

September 9th, 2020

Photo: Canva, Evolva License

Written by: Lonnie Marcum,

Sept 9, 2020 – As many of us have discovered during the COVID pandemic shutdown, living like a hermit is no fun. Yet,  as we venture outdoors for a little diversion and exercise, it’s important to protect ourselves from ticks. However, there are a lot of repellents I will not use because of our cats, fish and bees.

Now, it looks like there may be new options for protection coming our way.

In July, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved a natural compound known as nootkatone, for use in insecticides and pesticides.

Nootkatone is derived from nature and has been found to effectively repel and kill ticks. It is also safe for domesticated animals, birds, bees, butterflies, and the environment.

This paves the way for manufacturers to start developing nootkatone-based products for public use. Before these new products become available to the public, however, each of them must first go through safety testing and FDA approvals.

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Lonnie Marcum is a Physical Therapist, with a dual degree in health administration and physical therapy. She has a passion for helping people heal from illness and injury by treating the whole body. She became active in the Lyme community after her daughter was diagnosed with tick-borne diseases in 2013. She now devotes much time to learning about Lyme and related conditions, and sharing that knowledge via social media. Her blog, LymeSci, seeks to help patients understand the science of tick-borne diseases and new developments in research.